Internet Crime Law

The Internet and Cyberspace Crime Law represents a violation on the internet. It is directed by US government, state , and international laws. Cybercrime is one of the general classes of Computer Crime. There are crimes that are committed through the use of devices and computer networks, despite the fact that it does not the actual computer or the network target. State law obliges that in order to be sentenced cybercrime, one must willfully, purposely or intentionally get into computer-based data and mean to take, destroy or modify computer-based information, passwords, steal services, or otherwise interfere with the software or hardware, etc.. It is not a crime, if one unintentionally or unexpectedly happens over a secure data without intent. Most states arrange cyber crimes as either misdemeanors or crimes based upon the amount of damage supported by the victim, in spite of the fact that the amounts change from state to state. Continue reading “Internet Crime Law”