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Howard Mullins, The Site Founder.

Howard Mullins, The Site Founder.

This website is dedicated to a very basic premise of what makes us human, that is the basic right: a moral and legal entitlement that every man, woman and child, whatever race or gender they may be. As the late Nelson Mandela said, “to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity. The moral obligation of protecting human rights falls in the hands of the government, whatever form that may be. For over 200 years, this country’s government and state affairs, both at home and abroad, are built on this fundamental belief. Judges and Magistrate LLC, as the name implies, focuses on providing a primer on basic legal rights and security of the dignity of humanity. We want to provide our readers with in depth information on the various topics of legal rights such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, basic legal rights impact of different foreign policy, the laws that recognize these rights, and the issues raised by the implementation and violation of these rights.

I hope each visitor and reader will find help with the information on basic rights and its legal implications. Whether you are a student, a journalist, reporter or a legal counsel as I am, this blog has something for you. I began this blog in 2014 with a notion that discussing basic legal rights, — including freedom of expression, women rights, children rights, accountability and the like are — are never enough and old run of the mill discussions. Much still can be achieved. There are many organizations committed to upholding the basic rights of every person, and I hope this legal blog can contribute to such noble cause. I welcome all comments and suggestion so please contact me here or visit at 3201 Florin Perkins Road, Sacramento, CA 95826. Basic rights cannot be entitled only to a few. It is for everyone.

Howard Mullins
Site Owner

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